EyeballNYC: BioShock

EyeballNYC recently completed a :60 spot for an upcoming Xbox 360 title that’s been getting a lot of buzz, BioShock.


With this project, EyeballNYC shows what it can do in the land of CG, and it holds up just as well as anything Blur or Joseph Kosinski/Digital Domain have done in the same space.

And in case you’re wondering, no, EyeballNYC didn’t just edit together some in-game clips; they built this from scratch. Aside from models from the game (which they rebuilt), everything from concept to completion was theirs.

Projects like this one, Psyop’s Happiness Factory movies and Charlex’s One Rat Short, are part of a growing list of high-end CG productions coming from places that have built their success (at least partly) on motion graphics. I find that interesting.

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Marc B.

Well done eyeball!

Justin, if you’re referring to kosinskis xbox halo spot:; the cg is by digital-domain.

AUTO Renegade

It was good. But I have no idea what the game is about.


@Marc B.: Thanks for the reminder of Digital Domain. I added them to the post. Joseph directed the spot and did a great job of it, so I’m leaving him there.


“AUTO Renegade says:
It was good. But I have no idea what the game is about.”

I think the object of this game is to kill lots of things.

Nice work!


I think the reason why it seems necessary to mention that this isn’t in-game footage is that it SEEMS like in-game footage, because they’re really not doing anything that the game doesn’t do already. The compositing may be nicer, but that doesn’t really make it compelling. So in the end, it’s basically a video walkthrough with an extra transition here and there. The Kosinski stuff is interesting because it weaves in additional narrative, whereas this doesn’t say much other than “kill lots of things” in an underwater city.


Well, the game IS about shooting up alot of things. If anyone of you ever played or heard of systemshock then you probebly understand the meaning of this game. As for the CGI, hm sorry to say but i´m not so sure they actually did this since i´ve seen exactly these scenes before. Just check around, every webpage has millions of other videos of this game which was released yesterday in the US and on friday in europe. That said i still think the spot is nicely directed. Maybe you all should look into “world in conflict” game trailers or even “call of duty 4”. cheers!


Making of Bioshock coming soon. All unbelievers will be converted.

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