Honey: KT Tunstall “Suddenly I See”

Directing duo Honey (a.k.a. Nick Brooks and Laura Kelly) did a great job on this Gondry-esque music video for KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See.”


For reasons I can’t quite master, there were three different music videos made for this track by three different directors. Honey’s version, referred to as the “Larger Than Life” version, is the only one worth a damn. It’s full of personality and charm, and the transition from day to night in the latter part of the video is especially nice.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the movie on the Partizan site is only a partial clip. To see the full version, you’ll have to either view in craptastic YouTube compression or buy it from iTunes.

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I think doing several videos for the same song is a new trend. Bjork just had a competition between about 10 different directors for her new video – and they all had to make at least half the video for submission.


This song was used in the original ABC “Men In Trees” show open designed and directed by Headlight last year. In fact, this video has an uncanny resemblance to the open that they created. Right down to the glistening snow falling effect…hmmmm…I’m a bit suspect of where Honey got the idea!!!
Go see for yourself at http://www.headlightnyc.com


No don’t think so…. maybe it was the other way around
love honey

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