Amautalab: New Work


Fun-loving Amautalab recently posted a series of nutty spots for Fernet 1882, an Italian alcoholic drink consumed in Argentina. In keeping with agency Madre’s vision for Fernet, Amautalab’s work is entertainingly absurd and oddly funny, which apparently is how the beverage makes you feel.

Amautalab has also posted some cute new work for National Geographic, encouraging kids to be environmentally conscious without lecturing them.

As with the work we’ve posted from Amautalab in the past, these projects show their ability to create playful yet polished spots, proving that yes, whimsy and quality can happily coexist.

NOTE: If you want to see more Fernet madness (but not from Amautalab), see this and this.

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LOL, justin, you in a “wierd post” mood?
Those last two are gonna give me nightmares now.

I’m sweeeeeeming in Ferneeeet????

Marc B.

I love these


haha these are great

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