A Little Fuel for the Road

I’m in the middle of a five-day road trip from Cupertino to Savannah, burning up countless gallons of fossil fuel. How appropriate, then, that I share with you some work underwritten by the fine folks at Fuel TV and created by Culver City-based, Salt.


Watch Soul Skate | Evolution

Contributing to Fuel TV’s long line of consistently innovative network IDs, “Soul Skate” and “Evolution” are notable not just for their engaging animation styles, but also for their senses of story. Both spots glide along loose narrative arcs with definite beginnings, middles and ends, making for crisp finishes and high rewatchability.

I’m not familiar with Salt’s work, but these spots functioned nicely as introductory projects and have piqued my interest in the rest of their portfolio.

By the way, it looks like Fuel TV is inviting anyone and everyone to submit IDs of their own. (I accidentally discovered that link while trying to click on the “M80 Token Hotties” on Fuel’s homepage. Here’s to serendipity. And testosterone.)

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Another competition for free… do Fuel TV think they’re so cool people will work for free? I’ll rather give some free time for some PSA or non-profit environmental organizations or Current TV.


Actually, you pitch an idea for an ID and then they PAY you to do it…. Fuel TV may accept freebies if you offer, but they really DO pay if your idea is cool enough! Both Soul Skate and Evolution were fully funded for all the hard work put in by Salt and artist Daniel Peacock.

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