PF Flyers and Stefan Nadelman: Menomena “Evil Bee”

Stefan Nadelman’s excellent new music video for Menomena’s “Evil Bee” has just about everything you could ever want in a music video: Conflict. Love. Freedom. Death. Regurgitation of nutrient-rich fluids. It even has a fun Soylent Green twist at the end.


The video, underwritten by PF Flyers (who’s exclusively hosting the video until October 31st), is a wonderful blend of surreal storytelling and quirky animation. As regular readers know, I’m not usually a fan of music videos. I think it’s just so damned hard to create three-to-five minutes of sustainable, entertaining stuff.

But if people keep pumping out projects like this, maybe I’ll finally come around…

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



good visual story telling for a very good song…and a very interesting look and consistent execution of the look throughout… good work! thanks for posting! not considering those lost minutes of my life…


How about a direct link…. it was a little hard to find.
nice work!


Sorry, one more thing, when I quickly said “nice work”, I meant Beautiful and Depressing…like life. Cool song too!


I loved the look as well. The story really made this.
Great piece.


I think this is brilliantly executed piece. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “making of” for this video. Or maybe even an interview from the people who made it.


It kinda made sense, visualy amazing! but a little led by the hand with too much long shots to build mystery.


I need to find some stronger weed to come up with stuff like this. I think I can find some poor band that needs a video done. I have always wanted to do something with spiders and beachballs.

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