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Uber-talented freelance designer Brian Gossett just updated his own site with a plethora of new boards he’s done for some of the heavy hitters in motion-graphics as well as his own personal projects and designs for T-shirts and snowboards. He’s done boards for Logan, Exopolis, Buck, National Television, Roger, Fulltank, & Nylon to name a few! So many beautiful gooey shapes to enjoy! Check out ALL the boards and pitches. I love peeking at a designer’s site to see some of the things that didn’t get chosen and also how the original boards differ from the final spots…



Brian’s one low-down graphics slinging motherlicker. Kudos!


Is it me or is every freelancer an “Art Director” these days?
I have not seen one thats not for the last few months. I have even seen several students with the same thing on thier sites. Do any of these people know what this means? I didnt realise motion graphics had turned every design and animator into art directors by working at a few shops by default. I had better jump on this band wagon. interesting trend


awesome up there Brian!


I bet THA_DON is a REAL art director and just jealous. great work Brian!


I’m dying to see sexploitation animated. There’s some sick potential in those boards.


optimus, I dunno about that. Brian’s work is good, but THA_DON has a point. Whether that truly applies in Brian’s case or not, I think, is another matter.


I agree with Tha_Don 100%…talk is cheap, however I know Brian since we were in college (7 yrs. ago) and I can truly say that his work and his critique has always being strong..Kudos amigo!

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