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Although it’s a bit on the small side (320×240 video is *so* 2005), this NYSE spot from Stardust is a nice ride through surreal landscapes. The first transition from board room table to underwater seascape is the trick that sold me on the whole act, though. Beautifully executed.


I have a feeling some of you will be split over how the type was handled; perhaps it could have been more integrated, perhaps not. It works for me. I’m just thankful Stardust and NYSE eschewed most of the expected imagery associated with stocks and trading and instead created a series of visually interesting vignettes.

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I feel Like it should have been a little bit more attached to it surroundings. Very good piece I just wish there was a little bit more attachment between the surroundings and the text.


Wow. So how do you really feel?

What’s wrong with doing COMMERCIAL crap? There is a time for art, and there is a time for NYSE spots with big budgets… unless you’ve got a patron or a trust fund.

I’m not vouching for this piece, which doesn’t do much for me in either direction, but its okay to do pragmatic work from time to time.


I don’t normally comment on my own posts but I truly believe that people are unable to see Stardust’s work without a bias of some sort. This is a damn good spot. It’s not just “okay,” especially when you consider that it’s for a boring, stiff client like NYSE.

Watch it again and pretend it’s from some other studio, some studio you haven’t heard of. Pay attention to the transitions. Take note of the palettes. Watch the camera work. Stop the playhead a few times and check out the compositions.

Does this spot reach and grab your gonads? No. That would be ridiculous for an NYSE ad. But it does what it does very well.


Stardust seems to get so much more work than anyone. They are featured here all the time. Damn!!! When you are in the public’s eye as much as they and they keep producing great spots from around the world then I guess criticisms from schoolkids and jealous people who probably lost work to them will happen. Go Stardust. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Marc B.

There are other studios being featured as much and yet they don’t get so many negative rants. I get the sense that partly it’s unfair but to a big degree stardust itself is contributing to this.
There’s a reason why people bash them when they rip-off other studios, with latest example being their recent pontiac ad.

This one isn’t bad, for a financial spot i guess.


Why is that the production company’s fault and not the advertising agency that ripped it off in the first place?

Marc B.

According to your logic gds stardust was forced rip it off?
Sorry doesn’t make sense. A company and directing team like stardust is always able to influence the direction and to suggest new little ideas. You can’t tell me they were forced to rip off particular details of a spot like blind’s mini cooper ad when there are gazillion other ways to do it. As far as i know the agency is not responsible for such details, they provide general ideas and they might suggest references from known ads but not expect exactly the same. IF they were really asking them to do exactly the same then you just gotta have balls to say no. Especially a company like stardust.


one very glaring element: the type sucks.

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