Lobo Updates

Lobo’s recently refreshed site is brimming with charming new projects that involve everything from fluid character animation to beautifully layered compositions glittering with jewel-toned palletes. I’m especially happy to see a couple title sequences in the mix, too.

From the looks of this update, I’d say Lobo is at the top of their game. And considering how hugely successfully and consistently innovative their portfolio has been, that’s really saying something.

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they rock!


mmmm golden layers of sparkle funk, elegant yet psychadelic at the same time, wonderful transitions too, respect!


funky and effortlessly beautiful… truly psychedelic…


Soooooo goood makes you wonna cry


Works it’s ok, better illustrations than motion, I mean they use some plane layers in 3D and some wipes, not more than that, so motion on this work is not as good as other works they have in my opinion.

About the site I feel I see it before in other time or space.

Marc B.

Lobo one of the best

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