Buck + Cactus: C Tree

Buck recently finished an elegantly animated spot as part of the “Own Your C” campaign from agency Cactus. It’s yet another example of Buck’s prodigious narrative powers, which seem to have been going through some kind of non-stop growth spurt ever since their landmark G4 IDs a couple years ago. At this rate, they’ll be cranking out blockbuster feature-length films by the end of the year. (Don’t quote me on that.)

By the way, Orion Tait, one of Buck’s creative directors, will be speaking at Offf NYC in November on a panel that will include Psyop, Tronic, Simon Robson (via pre-recorded interview) and myself. It should be a lot of fun. If you haven’t bought your tickets for Offf yet, you should do so soon. I am certain they will sell out, just as they did in Barcelona a few months ago.

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Enchanting… although I wish it were a longer piece or the pacing was a bit slower. Oh, and for those who love the music as much as I do, the track is called Sunshine by Coco Rosie.



enchanting is the perfect word. Wow, this really inspires me greatly. I never thought there was an artform higher than music but this piece changes my mind. beautiful


Babe thanks for the info. Was definitely going to ask that!

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