Jake Sargeant, unleashed…

Mograph Rockstar, Jake Sargeant, former senior designer at Motion Theory, has entered the freelance market with a freshly updated site. It’s packed full of stuff we are all no doubt familiar with, such as the hp hands campaign, or the House titles, so he doesn’t need much of an introduction. Check it out…



wow, he made much of the things i want to do, a website like his, really nice animation, cg, etc., now i dont see my dream so far, when my work will be posted here, i will know im going in the right way, congrats jake, and motionographer keep doing your excelent work!

Marc B.

I probably like the website better than his design stuff seen in his frames and storyboards. Not sure if the word rockstar is appropriate. Just my 2c.


I’ve got to be honest with you Marc B. I’ve seen a lot of comments and a lot of unconstructive criticism from you, and I don’t believe it’s in any way fair for you to label an opinion as ‘appropriate’ when I haven’t seen any justification for your comments.

I’m not speaking about this post in particular, I’m talking about many times in the past.

It’s fine if you have an opinion, just be prepared for people like myself asking for you to justify your comments.


Yeah I would have to disagree with you Marc. This work is very solid and its well known for being that.

Marc B.

Sorry if i’m not always as constructive. Sometimes it’s just 2 silly cents. I do often say hey this is really cool or nice, but it’s not always the case, sure. As we don’t always have to agree with our comments.

I like the hp and lenovo ads. I was looking on his design skills which do come more to surface by seeing it in boards. That’s all.


His reel crashes my Firefox.


That’s what she said…(sorry)


If you like the magic stuff, like in the hp ad, you might like this trailer.


Nice work.
I wonder if he is more of an animator than a designer. Judging by the storyboards I would say he is a great animator and an OK designer.
Can someone clarify?


Gugy…. “former senior designer at Motion Theory” says it pretty explicitly


nice site and a nice portfolio to go with. Two thumbs up.. :)



That doesn’t mean anything. I know few “senior designers” that are indeed animators and do design on the side.
Based on his website work, it seems that he is more an animator. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.


anyone know who did the music for the reel?

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