Great Scott!

Steve Scott recently updated his site and put up loads of work. Steve is a London-based illustrator and animation director, who is currently represented by Not to Scale, Pod Films, and Mr. Hyde. And he’s also an accomplished musician. When all three things come together, like in the Suburban Harmony video for his band Telemetry Orchestra – it’s pretty amazing. That video is a Yellow Submarine-inspired tour-de-force. Beautifully rendered illustrations and slick transitions complete the mellow psychedelic mood. What each of his pieces has is a sense of wholeness in the particular world he’s created. Recent commercial work for Volvo and Congstar and broadcast work for Channel 4 and Sky show off his many flavors of retro-futuristic design work. Very cool stuff!



Steve is a really talented. Animator, illustrator and a musician all rolled into one.. I really like his works… Creations fresh from a kid’s mind. He has one highly creative and active imagination…


great transitions in the music video… watched it multiple times. Also since i am a big monty python fan this brings back some sweet memories too.

Great stuff. dig the music too.

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