Knife Party & Sixty40. F#*K!


Knife Party (Motionographers own Simon Robson) & Sydney crew Sixty40 collaborated on this 40 second promo for a new show on the UK’s Channel 4, ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare’s’. I’m a fan of the tight little compsitions and illustration in this piece, and it is certainly an achievement considering the timeframe they were given (see below).

Simon explains:

“Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef based in the UK who likes to say ‘fuck’ alot and tells those around him what he thinks in no un-certain terms.

So Ch4 had the idea of sending him off to eateries around the country which are a bit down on their luck financially, so that Gordon can ‘turn things around’, for the ‘down at heel’ food emporium.

So, from storyboard to delivery in a week, we made use of an audio bed of sound-bites cut from the series and along with the help of ‘sixty40‘ in Sydney, the director at Channel 4, Brian Harrington and I came up with a piece that I’m actually rather proud of. And even better, Channel 4 really love it too and asked me to do an un-censored version which is airing after the watershed…”

Channel 4:
Director: Brian Harrington
Producer: Shizuka Hata

Animation director: Simon Robson

Sixty40 crew:
Producer: Libbie Doherty
Animators: Daniel Fitzgerald, Jason Morice, Dean Smith



I guess everyone’s afraid to comment because they think simon is as mean as ramsay on this board! Well done simon, the piece looks very nice and the sharp editing really accents the quick staccato animations. working with only soundbytes produces a nice detached feeling.. amazing deadline too.


great simon!


I don’t think Simon is mean at all. He actually has constructive comments to contribute 99% of the time.
He DID get kinda mad when everyone was drooling about that “girl-that-does-graphics” post a while back. :-P

Good to see you got boards and the piece finished all in one week. Thats a tight turnaround.
BTW, the steak-in-a-pan part looks too good, made me hungry actually.


love it!

rex crowle

great stuff simon, glad to see you aren’t just spending all your time on the beach since moving ;)

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