Trollback+Company does TV Land (Again)

TV Land has been in need of a refresh for some time now. They commissioned Buck to do some brilliant IDs a few months back, but the rest of the network packaging didn’t rise to meet the newly raised standards.


In response, Trollbäck+Company, who helped TV Land tweak its identity back in 2000, has created a clean, non-invasive package that jives nicely with the network’s programming.

TV Land’s audience ranges wide but skews towards Baby Boomers, which means retrotastic trendiness in large doses could be alienating. The trick is to create a decade-agnostic, user-friendly package with a sense of humor. T+Co’s solution was two-fold:

1) Choose type wisely. Unless I’m mistaken, T+Co went with Chalet (New York variant, Nineteen Sixty weight), a typeface that can feel vaguely retro or decidedly contemporary, depending on its context. It’s a superb choice, I think, for TV Land’s lineup, which spans four decades.

2) Crack a few visual jokes. My favorite is the M.A.S.H. model kit. Nice.

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Justin Cone

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Nice job guys. Looks really nice.


The “Three’s Company” two cherries vs a banana punchline is great. Simple and funny.


The fonts being used are ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi and Medium. Many of the letter forms are similar to Chalet New York Nineteen Eighty, with some exceptions (f,r,s,t,y). The lower case ‘s’ in ‘mash’ gives it away.


Package is nice. However, it reminds me too much of what they did with the AMC package, and other packages. Which makes this package not very unique to TV Land itself. In this sense Trollback is not so innovative – using the same tricks in a network package for completely different clients. This just dilutes each of the networks unique identities.

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