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Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick (who brought us Coke “Happiness Factory”) directed an oddly steamy spot for the bubbly French beverage Orangina. It’s only airing in France, probably for fear that it would spark a rash of bestiality-themed orgies elsewhere, which is a damned shame, because it’s a curiously infectious spot.

In case it’s not blazingly obvious, Todd and Kylie have an incredible knack for narrative. This spot, like “Happiness Factory,” is an abbreviated short film full of clever details and wonderfully imagined characters that pull you in. There’s a real passion for storytelling in their work that almost makes you forget you’re watching an ad.

The animation, handled beautifully by The Mill in London, makes everything click. Not an easy feat, considering all the nods to different dance styles and famous Hollywood moments. Props also go to agency FFL in Paris for having the… er… courage to sell this idea.

Full credits here.

NOTE: The video links above now point to a longer, naughtier version.

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Simon Robson

sacre bleu!
The most disturbing thing I’ve seen since The Aphex Twin’s ‘Window Licker’. Brilliant, but disturbing. It’s the ‘animal underwear’ that tips it over the edge…


That was just so very odd that i actually liked the whole idea behind it. It does really have that Window Licker awkwardness about it. Flamingos pole dancing and other animals to bear under garments. All this for a drink. Gotta enjoy the French direction on advertising.


She’s a maniac…maniac…


laughed out loud at the golden shower moment!


Well, after all that golden showering, the least thing i want to drink is an orange soft drink
Top noch animation nevertheless…


Kudos, well executed and the concept is really provocative and edgy, pushing the envelope, so I am impressed in every way that I’m usually disappointed. Great job!
Curious though, why did The Mill handle animation on this? I thought Psyop’s angle was direction and design (and editorial and vfx) all being done internally? Anyone know why they went outside on this one? Have they done that with other spots? Happiness factory was all done internally I thought by them in NYC.


Psyop is a growing company, and sometimes there is a lack of available seats and workstations to handle every project that comes through. Happiness factory was done internally, but right now there are several big jobs that are filling those seats.
Also, there is a real talent crunch in NYC right now- it’s hard to find good people that aren’t already booked at Psyop, BNS, or Rhino!


wow. so strange.


this spot is amazingly giddy and indulgent, and i’m sorry half of the anglophone world is pursing its lips and murmuring ‘beastiality’ – that’s taking it too seriously; an odd reaction for something so blatantly surreal and absurd. thankfully from what i’ve seen in french blogs it’s not that dire, it seems to be going down as cute and humourous, so perhaps they’ve judged the audience and culture well.

the mill and psyop seem to be having a bumper crop at the moment


Great animation.



Fun creative! But the animation is not as fluid as what Psyop is amazingly good at usually, oh well it’s not Pixar I know…
I don’t know why but it remind some old Perrier commercial done more than 10 years ago. If you don’t see the link, just enjoy it!


The cuddly bear image I have so fondly store in my head has now disappeared..

This is definitely very, very odd and disturbing in a good way I guess… Very entertaining.. And yes, lol at the shower moment thing.. Love the star leaf at the bear’s, hmmmm… reminds me of Bart in the Simpsons Movie.


It’s not the ‘bestiality’ that’s disturbing. Who cares? It’s the ‘uncanny valley’ that’s disturbing to me. It’s a Polar Express moment for furry rigged creatures.


it’s “natures own” spearmint rhino.


Not so sure about this . The 3d/fx was kinda boring .. unstylized.. no flavor really. Maybe thats the problem with so much of this type of work.
Talent is obviously there …psyop has done some pretty gymnastical stuff in the past…but there is a difference between knowing how to make a nuclear bomb and actually using it. Its overkill there is no restraint .. no undefinable.. no umph.. no tease.. no mystery .. no abstraction…its just plain simulation. Not much craft either..just cum shot after cum shot.

Only Moderately disturbing really.. anthropomorphism.. yay.. I’m not a teenager anymore and I have seen a man die before my eyes.. i have also seen about 3 million images on google.

Also … why does everyone jerk each other off so much on this site? Hugs and kisses all around.


very nice, yes, it’s not a smooth as $100m and pixar might do, but for a cult orange soda, it’s pretty good. Would be interested in hearing what it cost. I get tired of people accepting endless images of murder, but a little sexy is verboten.


Wow, that was awesome. Great idea and very enjoyable. Not sure why others are praising the “animation” though. It’s pretty mediocre from a character animation standpoint.

Marc B.

Check out the print ads by ffl-paris, looks much better and more stylized:

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