Lobo: Target 2-Day Sale Animations


This Target campaign is good fun. Each spot is a balanced mix of character animation and understated designadd, but I’m not sure who created them. Any clues?

UPDATE: As soon as I wrote “balanced mix of character animation and understated design,” I should have known that The Ebeling Group’s Lobo was responsible for it. I’ll probably have more details to post about this spot sometime next week.

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im pretty sure the audio is The Go! Team.


is there a bear in that cart? regardless, it works for me.


What I love about Lobo is their focus on design rather than technique. Even though technique is flawless.


I really like Lobo’s work. They’re not all after for the grandiose techniques but the focus is on how effective their work is towards it’s target audience. Witty and very creative designs.


The online advertising that gets you to the microsite was very compelling also. Kind of a choose you own adventure that picks on of the animation clips to play. And it continues at the site where you keep choosing the path at a “fork” and you eventually make it to the sale. One of the best pieces of online advertising I’ve seen.

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