Vancouver 2010 Mascot Animations


Meet Miga, Quachi and Sumi, the cuddly mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, in this fun animated short from the grand masters at Buck. Although the target audience is obviously kids, I have to admit I really enjoy this kind of mascot branding.

I’m not sure how far they’ll carry this stuff during the actual broadcast of the games, but I hope these little critters pop up every now and then. Especially during boring stuff like cross-country skiing. Oh, and curling. God curling sucks.

Props to Willie Kozushko for the heads up.

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Credits say Buck did it. It’s really nice work.


Looks like the character designs are from the Meomi Design, according to

More great cuddly characters at:

Love all their work.

oscar mar

By far the best mascots in the history of the olympic games. I mean, a tatooed mascot!
Congratulations to the Art Director for this proyect Leo Obstbaum


really nicely animated. kid koala productions, that company anything to do with the turntablist kid koala?


Wow. Great film!

Check out Meomi, too. They did the super-cute character design for the mascots.

Their reel:


While I love the animation and am a fan of the mascot design, surely this would have been a great opportunity to show off some talent of some design houses in Vancouver? I mean, we have lots of studios here that could handle this, so why outsource?

But I guess if you want proper quality you need to just go for the best and not worry about where the work is being done. That’s possibly how some of the previous mascots in Olympic history have been SO bad.

leo obstbaum

The video is made by Buck. His creative director is Ryan Honey, and he is from Calgary= Canadian Talent.


sweet work. it was long but kept me entertained the whole time.


Been a fan of Meomi for a while. Nice to see them getting noticed.


last year I was doing an animation for the hand over ceremony of the olympic torch from Turino to Vancouver.. (sorry for the audio, its part of a song by april lavigne..).

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