Virgin America Safety Video

This, I believe, marks the first time I’ve ever actually paid attention to an entire flight safety demonstration. Virgin America’s agency Anomaly is responsible for the spot, though I’m not sure if they did all the animation themselves.

UPDATE Just got word that the animation was done by Wildbrain in San Francisco.

Thanks to Rex and James for the heads-up on this one.

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The Crabster

That is freakin’ great!


I hope Virgin America is wildly successful. They seem to be leap years ahead of the competition in every way possible.


It’s all about narration and copy. The animation was cute, but I was drawn in by what and how things were being said.

The question is will I watch it again? Or are they successful in having me watch it once in full?

The Crabster

I think the question is, Do you really need to watch it in the first place?


Very well done! Great job in keeping my attention.


Oh yeah? You should see the DELTA animations…


the animation was fun and the narrators voice was oddly soothing and surreal at the same time! I hope other big companies take note and and take the “chance” to make films like this one. just because it’s corporate, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!


Enjoyed it very much. Liked especially the “sketchy” quality of the drawing, and the whimsical characters.

“Pull the oxygen mask over your head, and breathe normally.”

Yeah sure, when I’m done screaming.




The one for Virgin Atlantic is pretty neet too. I just saw this one on the plane over last weekend. Was the interior of your plane lit like a late 90’s club as well?

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