Matt Lambert and Jellyfish Pictures: “Carbon Footprint”

“Footprint” (Director’s cut) | “Carbon Footprint” (Official)

Matt Lambert wrote, directed and edited a stirring PSA/short fllm entitled “Footprint.”* Jellyfish Pictures handled all the animation, vfx and production. The official, cut-down version aired on The Discovery Channel.

As you might deduce from the title, the spot is about the ecological imprint we leave behind by not recycling our rubbish. It’s a message that’s been said a thousand times in as many ways, but Matt and Jellyfish’s approach is unique. They used the passage of time as a dramatic element, building tension with the jittery time-lapse effect and giving us subtle clues as to just how long it takes for a can to “recycle itself.”

I love the incredible attention to texturing. There’s a beautiful, visceral quality to all the surfaces that makes me want to reach out and touch them. (And then wash my hands immediately afterwards.)

Matt’s also updated his site with new stuff in both the Static and Motion areas. He recently joined EPOCH films for US representation, and he’s still with Joyrider in the UK.

* NOTE: As is often the case with projects like this one, there’s an official version and a director’s cut. The official version is entitled “Carbon Footprint,” while the director’s cut is simply called “Footprint.”

“Footprint” (Director’s cut) | “Carbon Footprint” (Official) | “The Making Of Footprint”

Full credits for “Footprint”

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awesome stuff matt! love all the intricate details, they really make it for me.
the textures look pretty amazing too!

Rick G

Great looking piece. Aluminum doesn’t rust though, it gets a powdery look and then just falls apart. This is another case where reality doesn’t make an image that’s as interesting as imagination does.

Marc B.

Justin you should point out the well done CG and effects by jellyfish.

Oldie but goodie by embassy for nike


Indeed! I could have never approached a project like this without the amazing skills of my boys Matt Chandler and Fabio Zavetti over at Jellyfish!

Thanks James…


Very well done. Makes the point stick.

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