Brand New School: Mistubishi Outlander


I’m loving the pumped up Technicolor palette in this Mitsubishi spot from Brand New School. The basic premise of the ad is nothing new, but the design and execution take it to someplace special. It’s a scrub-worthy project brimming with lush details.

(Full credits on the BNS project page.)

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Kind of a contrast from the DK piece huh?


Happy Humbug, Justin, within moi’s wisdom of three.too diamond security systems…..

A great many of The Old Testament’s stories come from earlier tales (e.g., Gilgamesh, etc) and the style is, mostly, a direct rip-off of The Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

To learn more of TOT times, view this YouTube film

The New Testament, well . . . . . to learn more than enough of TNT’s creation, view this two part YouTube film.

May you all have a delightful ‘Someone’s Been Embezzling Oil And Selling It On The Side’ Eightdays, a wonderful Solstice, the happiest possible Humbug and may your Hollowdays be filled with the most joyous of pleasures.

Stay on groovin’ safari,

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