Sehsucht: Auto Trophy 2007


For the past several years, Hamburg-based Sehsucht studios has been creating show-opens for Auto Trophy, an annual auto show in Germany. Their latest in the series is a spellbinding trip that takes you from 3D realism to 2D abstraction.

Director and 3D artist Timo Schädel headed up this effort, with 2D assistance from Martin Hess. The music is from Sebastian Zenke at Blunk & Will.

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Very beautiful. I really love all of the optical effects. At some points it looks like a miniature set because of the depth of field, realistic camera pulls and camera moves. The music also really adds power to this piece.


This is just amazing. The depth of field is so real. I love it the blur on the lights. I love the music too, it really adds a lot to the whole piece. You guys’ve done a fantastic job.

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