Yves Geleyn: Kotori


Originally, Yves Geleyn had intended “Kotori” to be for the Tokyo Mode Gakuen. But when they decided not to pick up the project, he forged ahead anyway, sewing bits of tissue and cloth together to create an endearing little narrative about a bird who’s as persistent and creative as Yves himself.

Yves’ portfolio is full of hybrid approaches to animation and illustration. Ever sensitive to his subject matter, his creations are cute without being cutesy, and they always adhere to the narrative at hand. The result is a buoyant body of work that’s full of surprises.

By the way, the music and sound design in “Kotori” is from Mark Webster, with whom Yves has collaborated on several other projects. Mark runs a fantastic blog about motion design called… well… Motion Design. Check it out for thoughtful looks at the history and current state of motion graphics.

Yves is with Hornet in the US and Passion Pictures in Paris, where he is based.