Prologue Launches Their First Site

It’s hard to believe that one of the most respected studios in the business (helmed by Kyle Cooper, a man who many people believe single-handedly fueled a renaissance in the art of film titles) has thrived this long without a proper web presence, but well, that’s how they’ve rolled. Until now.


Aesthetically, Prologue’s site is essentially a spin-off of Danny Yount’s site. Since Danny is one of Prologue’s own, that kinda makes sense. Despite the nav being built in Flash, the videos are all generously large QuickTimes.

Prologue has filled their portfolio with oodles of recent work. In addition to film titles—the work for which Prologue is best known—they’ve put up commercial work, broadcast design and “other media.” There’s also an updated reel.

All the work is as sophisticated, polished and brilliant as we’d expect it to be. I hate to gush, but seeing all this stuff in one place makes me downright giddy. They’ve even posted one of my favorite projects, the little known “Wimbledon.” Rad.

Thanks to Jesse Jones and our buddy Shaun Collings for the tip.