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National Television channeled modernist aesthetics of yesteryear in “Dots” and “Pattern,” two new spots for British lending agency Fair & Square.

“Dots” really does it for me. The narrative element bolsters the voiceover’s message without ever departing from the campaign’s minimalist look.

What’s funny is that without the jazz soundtrack, posterized time effect and flickering luminescence, these spots wouldn’t feel as retro as they do. I’m not complaining; I’m just wondering if that was a conscious decision on the part of the agency to target a different audience, or if the idea of flat, full frame rate vector graphics is simply out of vogue.

Watch “Dots” | Watch “Pattern”

Source: CR Blog

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“Dots” is terrific!


i don’t know if flat, full frame rate vector graphics are out of vouge, but this is a refreshing and attention-worthy diversion. plus being able to create a meaningful narrative out of literally just dots, is simply amazing.


Did this actually have the posterized time effect on tv? Or are we just looking at a non-interlaced, web-optimized version?

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