Samaritans “Vectorscope”

A while back, we posted a spot for non-profit helpline Samaritans entitled “Doodle” that featured the animation work of Christian Bevilacqua (among others). Christian is back for Samaritans, this time directing “Vectorscope,” produced by Therapy Films.


“Vectorscope” employs a few tried and true mograph devices (namely the ubiquitous ribbon), but it has some poignantly innovative new tricks up its sleeve as well. The transition from bird to barbed wire is especially nice.

Samaritans should be heartily applauded for funding such lyrical work and eschewing the standard approach to this sort of messaging.

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hmmm bird and ribbon… Lobo for Zune again?

Simon Robson

I really really am not keen on this. Love the previous samaritans spot, with the inky sea and such, but this is just totally off brand in my opinion. The techy screaming faces are cringe worthy and the barbed wire round the heart is imagery straight off the cover of some 80’s hair metal band album cover. The whole feel is really confusing. pity as the previous spots last year were so strong…

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