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This Flash viral for discount Netherlands merchant HEMA is a load of fun. It’s like an IKEA catalog was sliced up and fed to a Rube Goldberg machine. The magnifying glass bit is brilliant.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jurriaan in the comments, we have a little more info on the production of this project. The 3D was done by Addikt. The 2D animation and Flash were handled by Satama, and the concept came from agency CCCP.

Thanks to my friend Matt Ross for the tip!

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work of ART
Just Awesome!


Yeah probably one of the best Dutch virals past year. The 3D stuff was made at Addikt in Amsterdam.


Nice to see it being featured here. Did not expect to get so far into the world.

I made the 3d objects and animation of this viral at Addikt (Amsterdam). The fire and magnifying glass mentioned above is also done at Addikt by Szann (i’ll tell him you found it brilliant ;)
The 2d animation and flashwork was done by Satama and the idea came from agency CCCP.


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