31 Days of Oscar


This spot for Turner Classic Movies by Fresh Paint is full of subtle and effective visual effects that tie together a montage of classic movie moments. A scene-within-a-scene blend of animation and choreographed action by a silhouetted crew of stagehands, the spot shows off the ability of animation to enhance and build on live-action. There are quick moments of rain, smoke, and lighting shifts which are also joined by waves, glass shattering and explosions – which are all integrated in the concept. The spot’s also 2 minutes long and was made for Cinema in about 4 weeks, so now I’m even more impressed.

Fresh Paint is the design / animation / live-action directing team of Kevin Robinson and Mike Papagani and are part of Curious Pictures‘ roster.

EDIT: I had this in the Quickies section but moved it over because it definitely deserves a bit more notice.

VP, Creative Director: Pola Changnon
VP Design: Neil Dufine
Senior Writer/Producer: Tim Reilly
Senior Design Producer: Kate Allen
Art Director: John Malone

Directed by: Fresh Paint
Production Company: Curious Pictures
Executive Producer: Mary Knox
Head of Production: Becky Friedman

Design/Production/vfx: Fresh Paint
Creative Director: Kevin Robinson
Senior Producer: Josh Libitsky
Lead CG: Michael Papagni
3d Artists: Michael Papagni, Kevin Robinson
Modeling: Matt Foglia, Andrew Ortiz
Compositing: Dennis Go, Thessia Machado, Kevin Robinson
Editor: Eli Mavros
Music: Elias Arts



I love it. TCM has a history of turning out great promos like this. Massive attention to detail and nuance. it must be a fun place to work (and they must have good budgets).

Khairul Sofri

Amazing indeed. The compositing is flawless.


Man that is sweet, I love the light on the buoy, in the jaws scene!!!!!!


Beautiful spot! Well edited and compositing of elements are great. The interaction of screen elements and the set around it, flawlessly executed!
Did the Fresh Paint guys do the whole spot or just direct?
I’m curious as to who actually did the production…


This is Mike P over at fresh paint. Thanks everyone for all your comments much appreciated. Production was all in house.


Congratulations to Fresh Paint for this wonderful spot! You have TCM fans talking about this one. To quote my post on TCM’s forum: it’s like a finely choreographed dance between film clips and set pieces. There’s so much going on that I notice new stuff each time I watch it. I think my favorite transition is the whip pan from Raging Bull to Some Like it Hot. Wow!

Mike or Kevin, any chance we might be treated to some “making of” info? I would love to know more about the production. And is the music an original score? It’s beautiful.


technical stuff aside… it made me cry… beautiful. More than the vfx and composition the script for this spot is absolutely well done.


wow, this just jogged all my memories and lessons learned in my film history courses…this montage was so well arranged.


I would just like to know who composed the music for this promo, it’s beautiful! Does anyone know?


The theme was original to the promo. You can download it by going to TCM.com, selecting the “video” icon at the top and then the download option on the “31 Days Of Oscar” video/promo.


This is an amazingly elegant piece, Fresh Paint is def on top of their game. Keep your eyes open for these guys, they rock.

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