Favorite Color Launches


You may remember not long ago, we posted the personal site of ex-Digital Kitchen designer Lindsay Daniels, who at that time was still getting things in order with her new Soho venture, Favorite Color.

Well, now the site is in full swing, and things are looking good. We’ll be keeping an eye on them as they grow their portfolio. In the meantime, don’t miss their self-promo, “The Birth of Color.”

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Congrats to all of you. Good luck in 08.


best of luck you guys & gals (& Jojo ;))


Congrats Linds and Jojo!


Good stuff y’all – congrats!


sweet site!
my only critique is that the Ratatat song “Seventeen Years” has been used way too many times.

Do not get me wrong I love Ratatat, but why is it that I hear some of the worst music in motion reels?


there couldn’t be a better promotional piece for them…brillant.

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