In today’s world of motion graphics where it’s more about bling than design, it’s nice just to come across something that’s all about the simplicity. That’s what Quadroplastics (Maxim Zhestkov) work is all about, white colour and life in dynamics. I think Maxim’s work shows a kind of maturity beyond his years of age and I can’t wait to see his piece for Universal Everything’s Advanced Beauty project.

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James Wignall

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Director / Art-Director based in London.


Rizon Parein

Love his work! Pure…


Beautiful, beautiful work.


Brilliant. Very tasteful, graphic use of 3d.


Where is the project shown in the main picture of this post?


i like the non-representational direction which qualifies his work, but i’m not sure about the sentimentality-laden synthesizer in his choice of music to anchor his visuals, which feels borderline like a siggraph demo (in reference to his demo on the main page).

i think his work could benefit from a better choice of sound design, cinematography (more sustained shots perhaps and shot depth), pacing, mystery (his visual metaphors feel like they are trying to express something on another level, but then the attempt falls short of being representational, so it feels a bit campy).

nice technique overall, and nice stark use of black and white.

I think to say “maturity beyond his years” is a bit pompous (is that motion graphic critical writing?), but i think his work could be headed towards a good direction.



I am a huge fan of this style of 3d work, allowing grays to show depth and shading (that Luma/global illumination junk in C4D) This is some of the best work i’ve seen on motionographer, mostly because of how far he’s going with simple.

Are we thinking, with some of these animations of circles that interact with each other, that he’s doing the animation by hand, or using some sort of physics/expression technique?


Gee whizz, defasten has put beaucoup effort into his critical essay there, but just needs to work on his grammer and style overall.


Nice art.

Joe Clay

Simply beautiful.


This is the new benchmark by which I will judge all other 3D mograph from now on.

It’s given me renewed interest in this industry. I’m so sick of the fluff and bling. We need purity like this again.

Marc B.

You mean cool style but no substance?


if its about skill… he has proved that he is well equipped…
besides the soundtrack with a poor ending…


theres plenty of motion graphics out there with no bling, i think its odd to think this is a new benchmark. nice work though, would love to see more things like this.

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