FIFA Street 3 Viral

Damn it, I hate when something is so obviously a viral and yet still entertaining enough to watch over and over. Anyone have any idea who handled the vfx on this spot?

(One funny note: As the level of vfx realism increases and becomes more widespread, it seems that instead of assuming things like this are real, I assume they’re fake—when they could, in fact, be real. If anyone does anything beyond jumping a few inches off the ground, I’ll point to it and proclaim confidentially, “Nice compositing.” I’ve either completely lost faith in human athleticism or transferred that faith to technology. I’m not sure which.)

Thanks to a little help from the comments, it looks like The Ambassadors handled the post-production on this project. That’s a new one for me.

Client: Electronic Arts
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: John Norman
Creative Director: Mark Bernath,
Eric Quennoy
Art Director: Christiano Abrahao
Copywriter: Gregg Clampffer
Executive Agency Producer: Corey Bartha
Agency Producer: Olivier Klonhammer,
Kimia Farshidzad
Production Company: Dr. Film
Director: Jeroen Mol
Director of Photography: Jeroen Mol
Executive Producer: Lex Szanto
Post Production: The Ambassadors
Sound Design: B-Reel
Music: Massive Music
Music Artist: Alejandro Londono
Song: La Pelota

Props to Marcus Lee for the tip!