Buck: Toyota “Through the Roof”


Buck recently posted a fun new spot for Toyota entitled “Through the Roof.” I love how the depth of field effect creates the sense of miniaturization—which, it turns out, was not an “effect” at all.

Buck worked with Merritt Productions, who created an elaborate miniature set on which most of the spot was shot. Pretty amazing. Buck also brought on CG vehicle experts Sway for the car shots, and they rocked every one of them.

Don’t miss the making of video. I like what Ryan Honey says about Buck being media agnostic, about using whatever tools and processes make sense for a project. Reminds me a bit of Shilo’s “design infused storytelling” mantra. Many of the Cream O’ the Croppers think the same way. It’s not so much about software or skills; it’s about vision and follow-through.

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Wow. Even though it feels a little dragged out, its an awesome looking spot; the miniature look and feel is great.

The car to scene compositing is seamless…I assume there was a motion control rig involved and the tracking points were just for surface approximation.

However, after all said and done, and considering the main “character” was CG, I feel a tinge of “could have been easier in 3d”….

Great work nevertheless.


Ha, Jeremy is a funny bastard.

I agree that it would have been easier in CG, but a lot of that warmth and character would have been lost no matter how well executed it was. Plus, its always fun to build stuff.


ooh yeah-“Luxury-ous”.


Jeremy FTMFW~!!!


hat tipped to the time, passion, creativity and vision of buck. they continue to be leaders with craftmanship as well. conversely, not sure how much money was actually dropped on this, but to me the [over] production feels like someone took 25,000 pounds of recyclable plastic and threw it in the trash. i say this in direction to the agency involved and think the money could have been better spent spread over the year to promote more than a low rent car.

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