“Sharp Teeth” Promo Animations from Radium

It seems more authors (or their publishers) are turning to the power of animation to promote their works. First it was former poet laureate Billy Collins, then Douglas Coupland, and now it’s Toby Barlow, who’s peddling his new werewolf novel set in LA, “Sharp Teeth.”


The book’s official website will feature all the animations, but right now there are a couple to share from Radium directors Limbert Fabian and Brady Baltezore.

The shorts are based on excerpts from Barlow’s book, but they’re not simply illustrative works. Although they’re created in wildly different styles, both shorts play with metaphorical devices and suggestive visuals to go beyond a simple say-cow-see-cow approach.

Check out Limbert’s excerpt | Brady’s excerpt

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Very inspiring for animators wanna be like me.
… And when visuals add some layers to “words” it reaches the magic.

jesse s clark

hell yes. superlative! dark and fluid stuff.

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