Bitstate: Slamdance Fest Opener


The Ebeling Group’s Bitstate worked up an intense hand-wrought opener for the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival. All the frame-by-frame sequences add a gritty texture to the project, which fits with Slamdance’s DIY aesthetic and “anarchic” (their word, not mine) vibe.

Big ups to Blair at TEG for getting me the QT of this project

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Justin Cone

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Bill sneed’s work makes my pants tingle, it’s like magic!


Nice, and I must say, great music too!


that one did it for me. I could watch it over and over. loved the hand-crafted feel and transition after transition of goodness.


so hot! viva bill sneed!


Bill is amazing ! But let’s not forget my boy Pete Circuitt! Bitstate is on the rise.. watch out !


The piece moves with such a radical fluidity. To know that it was done by hand, is off the charts! Simply a great piece.

Raise your pints for Pete Circuitt & Bill Sneed!!!!

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