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The Sound of Color is five original songs each based on a specific color and videos created for those songs. The stand-out piece is definitely “Black / White” directed by Chris Do of Blind for the Raveonettes. It’s an animated piece nicely incorporating filmed elements of shadow puppets into its ever-shifting starkly monochromatic landscape.

It’s great to see a project like this funded by a major company that’s not trying to hard-sell you on their merchandise or even use any product placement in the videos. Kudos for that, I appreciate it. Oh and you may want to turn down your volume before clicking the link. The site’s pretty loud.

Thanks for the tip, Brian!

Edit: Blind also has the spot and a lot of accompanying artwork and behind-the-scenes stuff on their site. Check it out here.




Director: Chris Do
Lead Designer: Lauren Indovina
Animators: Jason Kim, Paul Kim, David Ando, Sakona Kong, Maithy Tran, Wakako Ichinose

Shadow Puppets: Rouge Artists Ensemble
Puppet Photographer: Rick Spitznas


The crew at Blind did an amazing job on this piece, it turned out beautiful. I really love how they used actual puppeteers and filmed a lot of their elements in camera rather than taking the easy route and going straight to AfterEffects. There are subtle details in the writing and execution that will make you stop and click a few frames back. I dig how you can see the hands from the puppeteers in some shots. The narrative and whimsical aesthetic balance each other out perfectly, while the soundtrack seems like it was made for this piece and not vice-versa. It was great to witness this spot transform from a raw idea into a stunning, cleverly crafted music-vid. Great job guys….


Thanks for the credits and details on this piece guys, Chris + Somedude. Much appreciated.


Amazing. Would love to see more of this stuff… Keep it coming, guys.


wow, love the subliminal details in this piece. killer design and track… were meant for one another! love it!


I love it guys. Great work! The blood, sweat, and tears truly comes through in this labor of love. Saunders pretty much saved me from having to type a lot more ; P. We going to finally get that LAN game in this week Do?


Some behind the scenes images are now posted on the Blind site. Check it out for more info.

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