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Watch “Art Transports” | Watch “Art Imagines”

The latest two outdoor Target promos from Digital Kitchen’s Chicago office couldn’t be more different. “Art Transports” is clad in Target’s trademark red and white palette and centered around a cute girl who bikes, snowboards and drifts through musical landscapes. “Art Imagines” features a live action dancer who builds a world of immense detail with every movement of his body.

I’d love to see these on their intended displays at Victory Park in Dallas or at the Los Angeles Staples Center. The outdoor venue encourages longer form messaging and a more relaxed paced than the typical frenetic demands of a :30 broadcast spot. DK handled the shift in medium well.

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are outdoor video displays common? should they be? perhaps, but I’d also have to see it in its intended destination to be able to judge the effectiveness. I’ve often wondered when looping video displays would come into play as a new medium, and i guess they have, but will they grow up to be commonplace? I hope so, it just means more work for us mo-schmoes… both are gorgeously animated, “Imagines” looks like it took a bigger pipeline to create for sure. dk rules, wonder if this came outta NY???


“The latest two outdoor Target promos from Digital Kitchen’s Chicago office”



Watch “Art Transports� lovely color usage ;)

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