Hokusai An Animated Sketchbook

This award winning short film was written, directed, and animated by Tony White all the way back in 1978. The film brings to life the worlds of Japanese master painter, Katsushika Hokusai (1760—1849).

Best known for his iconic, The Great Wave, but his other paintings of Edo period Japan are equally as amazing (he left around 30,000 works at his time of death)!

His work is so influential, you can still see it influencing todays artists (kozynday / sony bravia bunny wave?). He was also an early pioneer of anime / cartoon porn (might not strictly be true :)), check out Dream of a Fishermans Wife!

For more information on Hokusai – Here and Here

Interview with Tony White – here

(source: cpluv)

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James Wignall

/ www.mutanthands.com
Director / Art-Director based in London.

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man the edo period had some of the most iconic and rad japanese art… the best ukiyo-e in my book is probably one of the other most iconic next to the wave- “Dream of the fisherman’s wife” :D

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