Motion Theory for Nike: “Sumo” and “Oneball”

Motion Theory and Nike make a beautiful team. I still remember posting a two-spot campaign way back in the Tween days in which MT used Processing (among a slew of other tricks) to create complex spheres of text that orbited around products and people. It was an elegant way to convey complexity.

Watch “Sumo” | Watch “Oneball”

In that same spirit, Motion Theory has created two new spots, “Sumo” and “Oneball.” Both use a kind of four-dimensional snapshot effect to suggest that the products are packed with Nike R&D. Director Mathew Cullen did a great job building dramatic tension throughout the spots, making sure that the swing from each of the players feels like a climactic release of power.

The music and sound design really add a great deal to these spots. I’m working on full credits; as soon as I get them, I’ll share them here. I’ll also have some stills from the print campaign, which MT handled as well.

UPDATE: Just posted the full credits for this project. The music was created by Hum, whom I’ve added to the Cream O’ the Crop in the audio section. Fantastic stuff.

Full credits

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very well done. i agree, the music is crucial in both spots, it would be interesting to see if the songs are specific to each spot


honestly, i used to be a golfer, and the concept and execution here are pure. as a golfer looking for an edge that wouldn’t require 40 hours a week of practice, i always desired the equipment that set itself apart from the pack through innovation. both of these spots illustrate that concept of surefire innovation derived edge beautifully. the music is spot on, it enhances the seriousness of the concept. i mean shit if you’re a pro golfer, this nike equipment could be the difference between you eating a real dinner or ramen noodles…at least thats what these spots have convinced me to believe… bravo

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