Word Up, World


Word Up, World is an fun, eclectic new film by JJ Walker. It’s a series of six vignettes addressing serious problems in the world, but with a light touch. JJ employs a colorful, humorous and sometimes silly approach to topics like gun violence, pollution, animal cruelty, deforestation and the growing income gap.

The intention is to inspire optimism without resorting to heavy-handed didacticism. JJ had this to say about it: “It was a fun project for me… and satisfying as well. Obviously it wasn’t commissioned by anyone, I just wanted to see how these issues could be reinterpreted in a different way.”

The films are a great mix of styles and animation techniques that are really enjoyable. JJ is both a great illustrator and talented animator, and it’s always great to see someone spend time and energy making something they believe in and want to share. Nice one!

Great sound design by Hunter Curra as well.

You can also see the films individually at Hornet.



This honestly has to be one of the best films I have seen in a while. Really refreshing and very witty. Mega-kudos JJ!


wow, he really showed off quite the spectrum of illustrative and animation styles…a perfect personal piece that was brought to another level with the sound design… bravo


Damn JJ! I hope you continue to make these films and someday have your own show on TV… seriously I could watch this kind of stuff for hours. Truly amazing and inspiring work.



Seriously good stuff. Well animated, timed, sound designed, phew, just damn good stuff. Can’t wait to see the rest of your stuff.


Wow, can i say “stuff” anymore?



Freaking nice, well concepted, and refeshing-ly anti mography ADD.
Terry Gilliam would be proud.


I’m so tired of guilt-tripping approach to these same messages seen elsewhere, this was such a better way to say it all. I loved it!


Stuff is fun.


your work is so creative and original, its one of the main reasons i chose to do motion graphics, can’t wait to see more.

Simon Robson

brilliant work, great array of styles. Love it. I wonder who it’s aimed at though? I wonder what the intention is, beyond it being the superb art it is? I had a look on the Hornet site, which mentioned that the piece seeks

“to inspire optimism and positive feelings that can jumpstart a new initiative for this world’s inhabitants.” and “With many who are skeptical and issues seemingly too daunting – it’s about tapping into our childhood optimism that can help overcome what may seem impossible. ”
I wonder if this is aiming a bit too high…Without doubt, the piece will remind people of the existence of important issues, but “jumpstart a new initiative for this world’s inhabitants” maybe slightly over doing it. Also, some issues seem daunting, because they are… Is it not about finding a way to present history and arguments in an accesible way as opposed to presenting no arguments at all? I’d love to hear how J.J sees this piece working…


The animation and audio is great on all of them. The yellow/orange tree one is most effective IMO.


Awesome “stuff” and I agree with monovich that its a good way of making people aware of problems as opposed to blaming people for them.

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