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I’ve been a fan of Joseph Kosinski (now with Anonymous Content) since back in the KDLab days, when his focus was on blurring the lines between architecture, design and CG. Over the years, he’s developed his own distinctive voice, creating memorable projects like the Nike Art of Speed short, Les Jumelles, and the XBOX 360 “Mad World” Gears of War promo.

His latest project for Chevy, “Baby,” gets at one of the things I find so compelling about Joseph’s work. (It’s also the sort of thing a semiotician could build a career on.)

In many of Joseph’s projects, the future is a place in which humans and their technology coexist in a kind of vacuum-sealed pod of modernist happiness. The Chevy spot is ostensibly set in the present day, but the futuristic overtones are clear, as are Joseph’s trademark hyper-polished design and execution.

Originally spotted at FEED

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from now Joseph Kosinski is my best :)


So perfect.
How many years of experience you need for yours eyes to be this acute?

Marc B.

I get the impression that the first thing Joseph thinks of when tackling on a job is how futuristic and sleek the CG needs to be. Sleek CG but just no content. I guess it’s because of his 3d background. Just too technology driven. This is why i find examples like the one below by jj walker much more compelling than the advanced beauty org stuff posted here recently.

But these are just my 2 dimes. It’s good we have different opinions. Really good CG by digital-domain tho. As always.


This is a Chevy commercial. So, I’m guessing that the creative brief was about conveying something American. I think this does a really good job in portraying an American family raising their kid and eventually putting their trust in a Chevy car.

If the intention from the client was marketed towards parents buying their kids a Chevy car as a graduation gift (remember that seniors are graduating soon in America), I think it does an excellent job.

Do you know the director? Do you know what his creative process is?

If you’re obsessed with focusing on something superficial, you’re only going to believe that it’s about the superficial.

Did you read their tagline? “The American R(E)volution”. I think this certainly conveys it pretty well. That’s my “2 dimes”.


is it just me or does that still look like that woman is shooting some sort of a high tech lazer at the kid?


this is the epitome of high end VFX execution. coming from Kosinski and Fincher, i’d expect no less. I wonder what their modalities for working together included…Fincher was the “creative director” and Kosinski was simply the “director”. Bottom line, they took Campbell-Ewald’s concept to the futuristic higher ground that justin is referring to.

I wonder how much conceptual articulation leeway they were granted from the agency…given their status, i bet they were allowed to mold their magic directorial touch to this piece, and it is evident in how pleasingly cinematic this spot is. I didn’t even notice the flawless cg or the humanly-intelligent robot arm on the first view, i just felt the pure concept.


wow he completely nails chevy’s target demo with that. well done all involved.


I like it.. assembly line children… and that chick turns out to be HOT!


what is the name of the song they play in this??


^Oren Lavie: “Her Morning Elegance”


Did this family get abducted on their way to Disney Land and were they forced to live in a car factory ?


The hot chick is my friend.. ;)

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