Againstallodds for Coke Zero


Somehow, againstallodds made disembodied tongues, eyeballs, fingers and brains likable—almost cute. Solid writing and voice acting are brought to life by againstallodd’s superb character animation.

The spots were for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam through Passion, with Derek Picken as creative director and Niklas Rissler art directing. I’m working on getting complete credits.

All four spots can be found on Passion’s site. (Thanks, Marc.) againstallodds is repped by Passion in Europe and Blacklist in the US.

UPDATE: Full credits

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Marc B.

Nice. But if it’s through Passion Pictures why do you mention Blacklist? Passions site hosts the animations.


I found them on Blacklist’s site, and I didn’t see that all four of the spots are on Passion’s site. I’m not sure of Blacklist’s connection, either. I’ve sent an email and will report back when I find out more.

Apparently, the spots were completed back in January but have only just been released globally.


One of the best Coke ads ive seen in a looooong time.


One of the best here.
the animation rocks!
And who doesn’t like Brit’s “typical” humor?

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