New Justice: D.V.N.O.

Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” promo burned up the interwebs about a year ago, catching hipster eyeballs with its DIY look and countless variations on the simple theme of t-shirt designs.


A new video for “D.V.N.O.” uses the same permutation concept, but instead of t-shirts, this time it’s retro logo animations set to song lyrics. Despite feeling like well-worn territory, it’s fun and full of TLC.

Machine Molle nailed the motion, and the design was handled by Ed Banger Records art director, So Me.

For a taste of the originals to which “DVNO” pays homage, check this out.

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Thanks to Paul at Digital Scientists for the tip!

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Brings back some memories. That must have been a lot of work but it does look close to the originals. Great job.


This is pure, retro magic. I can’t even imagine how much of work did it take to recreate styles of logotypes and then fluently animate one through another.

Pure magic.



I keep imagining how was the treatment process to achieve that animation table glow-y look to the graphics, it’s the closest to the real-thing I’ve seen so far.


ah that was awesome, wish it was a quicktime though…


hats off to those guys. thats some amazing work. love the end with that awesome lighting of the piano scene.


I’m so happy this piece got a second glance!!! I can’t get gold letters out of my head. :) GOOD WORK!!!!!


I just ‘sploded


sick.. simply sick. awesome work!


this wins the contest.

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