SpecialGuest: AutoTrader “New Car Finder”


This bubbly spot from SpecialGuest for AutoTrader has a bit more to it than meets the eye. At first blush, it’s a beautifully rendered and cutely animated character-driven advert based on a ho hum concept.

But I was compelled to watch it a few times over as I started to pick up on clever details, like the fact that all the surfaces suggest the gleaming paint of new cars. And check out the attention to typography for the digital thought-bubbles.

I also like that the camera is mostly stationary, with an emphasis on balanced compositions instead of whizz-bang fly-throughs.

Probably not for some, but I sure dig it.

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Very cute.
I like.


P.S. I really like how certain car parts/accessories are integrated into the environment.

Big City

I think there’s something for everybody in this spot.
I really like the accessory integration as well.

PS: Anyone else reminded of the Teletubbies?


i love the little green guy who looks like he is hula hooping on the left during the end logo pull out. great job guys!


This totally Teletubbies, but I do like it :-D


i like the “auto trader land” concept as the creative environment… it works rather well, beacuase a good website is kind of like a fantasy land with a super machine that does more than you could imagine…

the execution is so good that from the first establishing shot i thought i was looking at an elaborate physical model setup.

well played


I really like the spot, and the visuals are amazing, but I wonder if it is a problem that I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I’d watched it through a few times. Eh… I’m guilty of the same thing all the time, so I say it doesn’t matter. Cool stuff!

Joe Clay

My favorite part has to be the trees made from air fresheners that are made to look like trees.

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