Coan and Zorn: Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More

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“Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More” is a strange and wonderful mix of advertising, storytelling and eco-awareness soapboxing. Its simple lines and colorful palettes strike the right balance of friendliness and confidence, while the animation features some clever transitions and an easy-does-it pace that never feels overwhelming.

Like the legendary 2005 Honda “Grrrr” spot (animated by Smith & Foulkes), “Keep Doing” features the mellifluous voiceover talent of Garrison Keillor. Both scripts are written to elicit optimism from viewers—not just about Honda but about their own lives. It’s a clever approach, one that owes much to Keillor’s delivery. He reads ads the same way he reads poetry: with conviction and authenticity.

Everything dovetails so nicely—and that’s no small feat. The project was directed by Not to Scale’s Coan and Zorn, who you might remember from the Volvo “Vox Popular” campaign a while back. Agency Wieden+Kennedy London deserve props for conceiving and designing “Do More” in house. They showed true creative vision on this spot.

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That reminds me that I still have a lot of things left to do..


beautiful imagery and execution…
But on a personal level I’m a little worn thin with auto companies tooting their own horns about how great the things they are doing are. “Gee, look at us, aren’t we altruistic!”.At this point it’s a bandwagon, and you can’t congratulate yourself for having jumped on.


I agree, but Honda’s been doing that since about 1984. Their tone has always bordered on smug. It’s kinda their thing.


like dhanai, this reminds me that I still have a lot to learn, this is really good work.
about tooting horns, heh its capitalism, having to get more buyers on your side. actually what am finding stale is this everyone going green thing… why is honda still pushing the same campaign its been pushing for year its now time to prove that the campaign its been pushing is working, where and how (thanks to the planting trees bit)…


white people like riding bikes. :) but they ALSO like priuses.


liked the stills, then watched it and ….boooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrring

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