Motion Theory: “Perfectly Aligned”

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This spot for Lexus from Motion Theory and agency Team One catches my eyes—and ears—every time I see it on the telly. The beautiful soundtrack from Robot Repair completes MTh’s elegant execution of the concept.

The whole thing feels like an inside joke of sorts, a smirking admission that most idealized “realities” are artificial compositions. In the context of a car advertisement, that premise works as a clever segue to showcasing the craftsmanship and sophistication of the Lexus brand.

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hmmmm, I thought that scene looked familiar, ah yes, because I seen it on flickr!

I wonder if they paid for the photo to use…


No offense dude, but you just missed the entire point of the spot. :-) That cypress tree—actually that exact shot of the cypress tree—is super famous. Most serious golfers would recognize it as an icon for Pebble Beach. That’s why the “punchline” of the spot is about things coming together just right.


That famous composition is “coming together.” They didn’t steal the image, any more than you can steal an image of the Disney castle or Mt. Rushmore. That’s what I like about the spot. It’s smart, subtle and super targeted towards it’s audience. And for those who are not in-the-know, it just glides on by.


<— Sucks at golf. Nooo no offence taken, I guess I did miss the point, haha I had just been searching flickr and came upon it and didn’t realize people took crazy pictures of that same spot, ha. :)

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