Nervo for Timex

QuickTime version (960 x 540)

Nervo’s posted a new project for Timex that I want to share here for two main reasons: 1) the process behind it, and 2) the immaculate end tag.

Via this post on the Softimage community forum, you can peek under the hood and get a feel for the technical wizardry at work in this spot. My favorite tidbit:

At the end of the spot, below the TIMEX logo, we’ve incorporated a short but special live-action element. We utilized a pool of magnetically charged ferrofluid to represent the energy of the run and the song accumulated at the end. You can see a clip of the raw material here.

(I’m jealous. Ever since I learned about ferrofluid for a project that I’ve been working on, I’ve wanted to use it in some way. Nervo beat me to the punch. I’m sure it won’t be the last time.)

You can see more making of video action on Nervo’s Vimeo channel and by taking a dip in their Flickr photostream. I love when people share their processes in this way. It communicates confidence while promoting openness within the community.

And make sure you watch the end tag at least four times. It’s an elegantly animated bit of work that’s slick without feeling overworked.

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Marc B.

I’m sorry to say this but i’m not sure what makes this piece good enough to be up here. Besides the stereotypical sound-waves that we’ve seen a gazillion times it reminds me of eyeballs microsoft sync spots. Nothing special even if there’s an extensive making-of.

Just my 2 dimes


is it that awful… lol j/k
I find the color treat quite nice,
It may not stand out as revolutionary but its good :)


as the guy jumps over the manhole, go frame by frame.
that’s one, uhh, funny looking “helmet”.



@moguy: damn, that stuff should be blurred :)


I’m with Marc B. on this one. looks too much like the microsoft sync spots.


why does nervos site have credits, but not credit anyone?

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