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Impactist (a.k.a. Kelly Meador & Daniel Elwing a.k.a. Mare Dowling) created a curious a/v puzzle for the opening of the latest *smilefaucet DVD, Undo. In their words:

With nods to late night literary advertising and a graphical homage to the covers found on Penguin published books, this opening for *smilefaucet, a serial DVD project, desires the viewer to “undo” text presented on the screen. The fictitious book titles shown are anagrams and can be solved using the graphical hints provided adjacent to them. Once solved, the resulting text concerns a contemporary idea or occurrence that many in today’s world may wish they could “undo.”

Like most of Impactist’s work, there’s more to this than at first meets the eye. In addition to creating a series of anagrams (and including a cryptology key to unlock them), Kelly and Daniel also made each of the book covers from wood. The construction of those elements alone is fascinating.

Oh, and they composed the soundtrack, too. When I grow up, I want to be like Impactist.

eatdrink do Undo, too!


While we’re on the subject of *smilefaucet, I thought this would be a good time to mention eatdrink’s quirky, hyrbid submission. You may remember eatdrink’s Observation of the Cat State here on Motionographer. This new project, like that one, shows off the sheer joy they take in simply creating for the sake of creating.


Visit eatdrink
Visit Impactist
Visit the *smilefaucet site

PS — Anyone figure out the anagram in the headline?

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whoa, Impactist. I’ve never seen anything like this. One of the strongest concepts i’ve ever witnessed. making the book covers from wood? maybe a little overboard, but if they are going to be part of the campaign physically in some way, then it just adds to the overwhelming strength of this execution.

Undo Impactist Eatdrink?

and no, I dont have the capacity to invent a cryptographic language translation out of ASCII art…


man I love Impactist… probably my favorite studio.


@sc: “Undo Impactist Eatdrink?”

Yeah, you got it. :-)


i don’t know where else to post this, but can we talk about that new “virtual girl” post in the quickies?

holy SHAT.

it’s not the realism of the rendering that impresses me, it’s the non-linearity of it’s presentation. as a student of interactive design, i’ve concluded that mouse position is one of the richest inputs for non-linear animation. (as in real time, not pre-rendered)

this page baffles me, not necessarily for it’s functionality, but it’s shocking performance over IP. unless its some hardcore GreatWhite pv3D implementation, it’s just hard to wrap my brain around… an embedded swf where mouse position corresponds to a specific frame??? i give up for now.

discussion about quickies brings up another point… a recent quickie referred me to QBN… which is rather impressive to say the least. considering that mo-grapha is thee top tier blog for us folk, why not expand it’s social functions a tad???

sorry for takin up valuable screen space w/ my rant, keep up thy good works, nothin but love for ya’ll. peace.


Thanks for the thoughts, mang. We’ve got some good stuff in store for Motionographer’s near future… and beyond! (Cue mysterious organ trill.)

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