Maxim Zhestkov

Maxim Zhestkov has recently created a new website and video installation. Here are Maxim’s thoughts on his work: “This time I wanted to make something deep and capacious. To make aura and situation in progress. A game of energy and breathe of life. So that is how i see cosmic tragedy.”

Also, I would like to note how beautiful the sound design is. Listening to all those space-rattling noises and heartbeats with the visuals makes it truly a masterpiece!


Erik K Veland

Now there’s a great and simple website for you. Let the works speak for themselves!


Great work. I love seeing each of his new pieces, always a treat.


always a treat indeed. I’m all about designs open for interpretation… and this piece sends my mind in all sorts of crazy directions.

my interpretation so far: the cosmic ray is the random chance breath of life to a planet, and the various animations symbolize the progression of the dangerous energy game that civilizations play, which can tragically end in nuclear annihalation.

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