The Mill for New Balance

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I sat on this moody New Balance spot for a while. The visuals are stunning. With set designs that reference early German Expressionist films and a palette suffused with warm tones, the protagonist’s tortured passion for running is beautifully realized.

But the voiceover almost kills the whole spot—hence my hesitation in posting it. I thought at first I was in for an ironic “Real Men of Genius” gag, but as the script progressed, I just scratched my head in confusion. I have a suggestion. Mute the soundtrack and queue up some Philip Glass or Brian Eno instead.

As always, The Mill handled the post-production flawlessly. Never slamming unnecessary effects down our throats, they opted instead for understated surreality.

More info on The Mill’s project page | Full credits

Thanks to Matt Lambert and Alex Capehart for the nudges!

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New Balance just lost SOO many cool points.

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