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Bjork’s highly anticipated “Wanderlust” music video hit the web recently with great fanfare. Over a year in the making, the video was a huge undertaking that involved the carefully orchestrated efforts of a massive crew.

Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura (on Ghost Robot’s roster) with post-production handled by UVPHACTORY, the experience feels more like a short film than a simple music video. Props to Bjork and her label, One Little Indian Records, for having the courage (and bank accounts) to pull off such a feat.

“Wanderlust” premiered on March 12th and was originally intended to be viewed in anaglyphic 3D. There will apparently be details about how to get free 3D glasses on Bjork’s site.

The making-of video below is definitely worth checking out:

Full credits


Encyclopedia Pictura
Ghost Robot
One Little Indian

Interview with Bjork on NYTimes
Interview with Encyclopedia Pictura at studiodaily

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HELL YEAH!!! Love it.


that is really a decent replenishment to her music videos series


I am at awe. *kowtow*




problem with Bjork is that people wouldn’t expect anything less, either in terms of weirdness or production quality. The bar is too high already.

Marc B.

I feel let down. It was way too over-hyped.


I wasn’t impressed at all. Nor were the other 20 some people at feedhere. I just think it was way over hyped and it was boring after the first scene. The production no doubt wasn’t an easy task and I probably couldn’t make a solid music video to compete but this was a huge let down.


I’d hang stills from it on the wall of my house, but it had a lot of lulls in it.I wanted to see more views of the world also. I think I had hyped expectations like many others.

still… gotta give credit on the visual qualities and the scale of the project.


No offense, but hype is hype. If you’re a person who listens to hype, whose fault is that?

I liked the video. Nice concept. Costumes and sets were great. Water effect was cool, too. Kudos to Encyclopedia Pictura and UV.

And this is from a guy who got screwed at the bungled 3d screening in Queens.


I kinda think it’s important that people are making videos with longer scenes / more patience, etc. It’s a good lesson to learn.

I really love that these scenes take time to sink in, and, if you allow them to, they’ll reward you proper.

Hype or no hype, for me, this one’s as rewarding as finding a children’s book that cast a spell on me when I was little. When I was done watching, I put on my (vinyl) of The Little Prince and washed the dishes.

I like it.



Astonishing! I wished i like Bjork, then it would be perfect!


I agree with ledmills. We’re getting waaay too accustomed to bombardment and visual overload. I think a successful music video needs that hypnotic, subconscious-level feel to it, that sort of tickles your mind while you listen to the song, let it wash over you.

And I have not heard any hype about this video, so I can’t say whether it’s over or under performing when it comes to my expectation. I can only say it’s got a great look, mesmerizing style, reminiscent to ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ (the book, original ilustration by Maurice Sendak)…

I’m just wondering how this fits into the constraints of budget, given that these days music videos have no money in them at all….

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