David O’Reilly: Please Say Something

I don’t pretend to understand the work of David O’Reilly. Maybe the best way to think of his intentionally crude visual style and warped narratives are as the cultural bleed-off of the Information Age. His new series, Please Say Something, centers on a cat and mouse couple that struggle against the banalities of everyday life in the city. It’s strange and glitchy and a little morose. And I like it.

Thanks to Nathan Barley for the tip!

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Wow! These are amazing – the narratives were funny but also really sad :( The best work posted here in looooooooong time for me. I also don’t think the visual style is intentionally crude, just beautifully minimalist in a very stylized way – a look which reflects RPG computer graphics, comic strips and japanese character design and speaks more to me about contemporary design than any photo-real 3D car.


couldn’t stop watching.


What #1&2 said. So outside of the game.

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