Brand New School is Laid Back

During my daily rounds today I happened upon this Cellular South spot from Brand New School’s LA campus. The basic concept isn’t new. By now, we’ve seen enough 3D elements composited into otherwise quotidian spaces that we’re probably a little surprised by the fact the a 3D extruded “YAWN” doesn’t leap from our mouths when we wake up in the morning.

But BNS has raised the level of polish to a degree worth posting about. Each shot is so beautifully composed. This isn’t live action with 3D thrown into the mix; it’s design. Balanced, well-planned design. Do a little frame-by-frame scrubbing and you’ll find countless details that merit repeat broadcasting without miring the gestalt down in a baroque mess of visual flourishes. Everything is there for a reason, and it’s all impeccably choreographed.

UPDATE: Beautiful styleframes on Flickr

Full credits on BNS’ project page.

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Jacob Lewis

beautiful. except the VO at the end…. could’ve selected a better talent for the read.

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